Men's Health

Empowering Walnut Creek men to achieve optimal health with comprehensive Men's Health services at BASS Primary Care. From routine screenings to specialized treatment, we're here to support your health journey every step of the way. Schedule your visit today.


Men's Health at BASS Primary Care, Walnut Creek

BASS Primary Care in Walnut Creek is committed to addressing the unique health needs of men through our comprehensive Men's Health services. Recognizing that men often face specific health challenges and may be less likely to seek routine medical care, our program is designed to provide a comfortable environment where men can receive the care and attention they need. From preventive screenings to treatment for conditions uniquely or more commonly affecting men, such as prostate health, testosterone levels, and cardiovascular disease, our team uses the latest research and technology to deliver top-quality care.

Services Provided and Common Questions

What Men's Health Services Are Offered?

Our Men's Health services include:

  • Routine health screenings (cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes)
  • Prostate and testicular health assessments
  • Erectile dysfunction evaluations and treatment
  • Low testosterone therapy
  • Cardiovascular health management
  • Lifestyle and nutrition counseling
  • Mental health support

Why Might You Need Men's Health Services?

Men's Health services are essential for:

  • Early detection and management of common men's health issues
  • Addressing sexual health concerns in a confidential setting
  • Managing chronic diseases effectively
  • Improving overall health and well-being through lifestyle modifications
  • Providing mental health support tailored to men's needs

Common Questions Around Men's Health:

  • How often should I have a health screening? Screening frequency depends on age, family history, and existing health conditions. We recommend annual check-ups to monitor key health indicators.
  • At what age should I start prostate health screenings? Generally, men should begin discussing prostate screenings with their healthcare provider at age 50, earlier if they are at higher risk.
  • Can lifestyle changes improve my health? Yes, dietary modifications, regular exercise, and stress management can significantly impact men's health, including improving cardiovascular health and testosterone levels.

Located in Walnut Creek, BASS Primary Care is at the forefront of providing specialized healthcare services tailored to meet the distinct needs of men in our community. Our goal is to offer a supportive and understanding environment where men's health issues can be addressed with professionalism and care.

Localizing Content for Walnut Creek

As a vital part of the Walnut Creek healthcare landscape, BASS Primary Care is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of men throughout our community. We understand the local lifestyle and health trends that affect our patients and are committed to providing services that support men in leading healthier, more active lives. Whether you're seeking preventive care or need help managing a health condition, our Men's Health services are designed with the needs of Walnut Creek men in mind.

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