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5 New Facts About COVID-19

March 18, 2024

5 New Facts About COVID-19

As the world continues to put front to the COVID-19 pandemic, a high number of rumors and hoaxes have emerged all over the internet. 

Unfortunately, misinformation about COVID is not only unhelpful, but it also puts at risk lives by promoting practices — usually disguised as healthy coping habits — that contribute to spreading the virus. 

In this article, we have gathered the latest five facts about Coronavirus disease to help to stop the spread of misinformation.

Fact: The prolonged use of face masks do NOT lower oxygen levels NOR does it cause CO2 intoxication

Firstly, it is important to clarify that by face masks, we do not refer to N95 respirators — there is a limited stock of these supplies, and it should be designated for health care workers so they can perform their job safely.

According to the WHO, if masks are worn correctly, they should not cause CO2 intoxication or oxygen deficiency.

Consider the following guidelines when wearing a mask:

  • Make sure it fits properly, and that you can breathe without trouble.
  • Do not put masks on children of 2 years of age. Neither on disabled individuals who may require assistance to remove the mask.

Keep in mind that even while wearing a mask, practicing social distancing is still highly encouraged to avoid COVID-19 transmission.

Fact: Coronavirus cannot be cured with antibiotics 

COVID-19 is caused due to the human-to-human transmission of a virus. Medicines like antibiotics cannot cure viral illnesses, they can only cure illnesses caused by bacterias.

Until today, there is no current drug or vaccine that cures COVID-19. However, the complications of this illness can be treated with antibiotics.

Most people can successfully recover from COVID-19. If you need to get a COVID test, contact your local healthcare authorities to receive further guidance.

Fact: You should avoid wearing a mask while exercising or performing a demanding physical activity

The WHO recommends we practice social distancing when exercising without wearing face masks. Here is why:

  • While masks do not reduce your oxygen levels, they may make breathing somewhat uncomfortable.
  • If the mask becomes damp or wet with sweat, it may make it more difficult to breathe.
  • Wearing a damp mask is no hygienic. Humid and closed environments are prone to generate bacteria.

Fact: Sun exposure or temperatures above 25 C won’t prevent the spread COVID-19 

Countries with hot weather have not been an exemption to have a high amount of COVID-19 cases. 

Currently, there is no evidence that the spread of COVID-19 is affected by the weather or temperature. More research is needed to confirm if environmental factors may have an impact on the spread of COVID-19.

That being said, according to the CDC recommendations, it is encouraged to avoid crowded indoor spaces, since these are riskier to catch the virus than outdoor spaces where you can maintain a 6 feet distance.

Fact: You should not use ultra-violet (UV) lamps to disinfect hands or other areas of your body

While UV radiation can eliminate bacterias and viruses, its effectiveness depends on UV intensity, temperature, and wavelength. 

Unfortunately, UV radiation can cause injuries, such as UV-induced skin erythema and keratoconjunctivitis.

Washing with water and soap for at least 20 seconds is an effective way to disinfect any potentially contaminated body parts. You can also use a 60% alcohol hand sanitizer.

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