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Self-Care: 5 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself During the Pandemic

March 18, 2024

Self-Care: 5 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic can feel overwhelming due to the different ways it has altered how we live, learn, and work. It’s important to note that in these trying times, feelings of stress, uncertainty, fear, sadness, and anger are completely normal, especially during a crisis, and can vary in severity. Other responses can manifest themselves in the physical form, such as headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

If you’re experiencing any of these responses, self-care practices can help to manage your symptoms and cope. Self-care can include various practices that you find both enjoyable and that promote healthy living.

Now more than ever, practicing self-care is essential when it comes to taking care of our well-being. Read below to learn about 5 tips you can use to take better care of yourself.

Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep is an important way for the body to rest and heal itself. Not getting enough sleep can cause major health issues and lead to fatigue and difficulties in concentration.

When thinking about how to make sleep a priority, start by thinking about your nightly routine. Is there anything you are doing that could cause a restless sleep? Is there something stressful that you’re thinking about right before you go to bed? Consider using these tips when trying to get better sleep:

• Don’t eat large meals, sugary foods, or caffeine close to sleep-time.

• Make sure the area where you sleep is as comfortable as possible.

• Try to void situations that can make you feel tense. This can include watching TV shows or movies that involve tense/dangerous situations, or having tense conversations with others.

• Avoid exercise at least a few hours before you sleep.

• Try using a fan or sound machine to help block out outside noise.

Eat Right

The food we eat has the potential to either keep our bodies working and alert or contribute to health problems. With the pandemic still in full swing and businesses not fully open yet, this is a perfect time to explore new recipes you’ve been meaning to try. Plan your grocery list so you have the basics on hand for healthy meals. Some of the best self-care foods include fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Exercise Daily

Exercising can improve mood and relieve stress. On a physical level, exercising can lessen the chemicals within our body that make us prone to things like depression and anxiety. Health professionals recommend working out daily for at least 30 minutes. If joining a gym is not an option for you, consider this list of physical activities you can do to fill up that time space:

• Dancing

• Walking around the block

• Hiking

• Stretching

• Jumping jacks and push ups

• Biking

• Rollerblading

• Walking your dog

Find Healthy Ways to Ease Stress

The act of relieving stress can manifest itself in different ways for different people. For some, hiking may not be as effective as going to visit family. That’s why it is important to figure out what helps you, personally, relieve stress. And once you do, make a list, and be sure to set aside some time every day (or every week) to do them. If the activities are not harming you, please continue to do them. Here are some additional ideas to consider when trying to put together a list of stress-relieving activities:

• Meditation

• Visiting the ocean to hear the sound of waves

• Getting a massage

• Swimming

• Burning incense or candles

• Reading a good book

• Socializing with friends and family

• Listening to music

Reach Out For Help

If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings of anxiety or depression, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Aside from friends and family, there are resources out there that can help you through these difficult times. Be sure to stay informed and reach out to your doctor if you have any questions. Prioritize your health.

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