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Ear Infection
Signs and Symptoms of an Ear Infection

March 18, 2024

Signs and Symptoms of an Ear Infection

Ear infection symptoms cause discomfort which vary in severity. Known as acute otitis media, an ear infection is caused by certain types of bacteria and viruses.

Depending on the nature of the infection, oftentimes it is the labyrinthitis that is affected. The labyrinthitis is the part of the ear that balances our hearing. In severe cases, the infection moves down to the inner ear. And that’s when things start to get worse.

Ear infections affect children and adults alike. In fact, it’s more pronounced in children than in adults.

The best remedy for an ear infection is treating it in a timely manner at the onset of symptoms. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of ear infection that are worth noting.

Pains in the Ear

Chronic, persistent pain in the ear that won’t let you sleep at night is the surest indicator of an ear infection. It gets worse when you lie on the affected ear. The pain is caused by the pressure your head that mounts on the affected part of the ear.

If you experience pain in the ear, don’t allow the condition to linger; consult a doctor.


Ear infection symptoms in adults vary from person to person. While some experience only earache, others experience both earache and frequent vomiting.

If the pain you are feeling is causing you to vomit, quickly go report to the doctor before things get out of hand.

Hearing Difficulties

An ear that is infected with a virus, more often than not, secretes ear fluid, excessively. This fluid blocks off the inner ear from external sound, thus making it difficult for one to hear. In extreme cases, it causes complete deafness. The earlier it’s treated the better.

Vibrations in the Ear

Sporadic, consistent vibration sensation in the ear is a dead giveaway. This is largely due to the imbalance in ear pressure, thus causing the sufferer to hear occasional vibrations in the ear.

The loudness and frequency of the vibrations are dependent on the severity of the infection. If you feel your case is severe and you are looking for urgent care for an ear infection, reach out to us. 


All fevers are not the same. While some are caused by the flu, others are caused by an ear infection.

The bacteria or virus that cause ear infections sometimes find their way to the respiratory tract from the ear canal. When this happens, the result is feverish feelings. Normally, this accompanying fever only lasts for a short while. But if it lasts longer than a week, take proactive steps by seeing a doctor.


Earache and headache go hand in hand. Though in adults the headache tends to be mild, it’s acutely discomforting in children. If your baby has been crying persistently, and you can’t seem to figure out why it might be s/he may have a baby ear infection.

Treatment for Ear Infection

Traditionally, Tylenol and Advil are used for the treatment of pain in an ear infection. However, they are not suitable for all cases. In some instances, applying ear drops to the affected ear would do.

The use of antibiotics is frowned upon by ear doctors, for medical reasons. So, before purchasing a drug to treat an infection, first consult a doctor.

If you need urgent care for ear infection in Walnut Creek or urgent care in East Bay Area, do get in touch. We have medical professionals who are on standby to help.

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