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The Most Common Travel Vaccines

March 18, 2024

The Most Common Travel Vaccines

Every country has different living conditions and health systems in place, so the diseases you can be exposed to vary from country to country. Because of this, people who travel a lot need certain vaccinations for protection. Here are the most common travel vaccines that you should get if you are planning international travel in the future.

What Are Travel Vaccines?

Travel vaccines are a category of vaccinations that are often associated with international travel medicine. These are vaccines that you would otherwise not need to get. Which vaccines you should get varies based on the  countries you are planning to visit. Let’s take a look at the most common travel vaccines out there.

Most Common Travel Vaccines


A common travel vaccine for much of Africa and Asia is the tetanus vaccine. This bacteria can be transmitted by getting a cut on a stray piece of metal and is rather serious for people who are not vaccinated. The vaccine prevents you from getting serious complications, although there is also a shot you can get after exposure to reduce symptoms. 


Measles is a very contagious disease that primarily affects younger children and is spread through airborne particles. While virtually extinct in America, many other countries have issues with measles. Getting yourself or your child vaccinated will prevent measles. 


Polio is dwindling in international numbers, but it is still present in less developed nations. This virus can be mild or cause serious issues like paralysis and death. The polio vaccine is recommended in America and should always be administered if you are planning to leave the country. Certain nations where healthcare is not common and medical conditions are poor should be carefully navigated if polio cases are common. 


A surprisingly common bacterial disease, diphtheria can be found in many foreign countries. It can have severe complications, such as heart and lung issues, and can lead to death. Travelers to any areas where this bacteria is known to be found should get this vaccine. Asia in particular is a common area to be aware of as diphtheria cases are most common there. 


Mumps is mostly gone in America, but other countries are still dealing with this disease. Mumps causes a person's salivary glands to swell. While it is not serious at first, it can lead to the often fatal meningitis. If you have not received a mumps vaccination already, getting one before travel is recommended. 


More commonly known as whooping cough, this respiratory disease is incredibly contagious and makes it very hard to breathe. This infection is particularly problematic in children. This vaccination is highly recommended given just how easily  transmittable this disease is. 


A common bacteria found in areas with poor sanitation and hygiene standards, cholera affects nearly half a billion people and is rather common abroad. Travelers going somewhere with poor sanitary conditions should get the cholera vaccine. Be careful of potentially contaminated water as that is where cholera is spread through. 

Yellow Fever

Many at-risk countries require the yellow fever vaccine before entry. This mosquito-borne virus has some nasty symptoms and a rather high mortality rate. Where this virus is common, a vaccine is essential. 

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