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Top 10 Myths about COVID-19

March 18, 2024

Top 10 Myths about COVID-19

The coronavirus has been around for a while now, long enough for misinformation to develop. You are sure to have heard some Covid lies along with facts on social media and other places. Here are 10 common Covid-19 myths, debunked:

1. The pandemic is overblown.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, this myth is still pervasive. The coronavirus is a serious illness that has affected millions of people.  Hundred of thousands of Americans have died from the disease. It needs to be taken seriously.

2. Herd immunity is a good solution.  

There are a few problems with herd immunity as a solution for the coronavirus. First, we don’t yet know if recovering from Covid makes you immune long-term. Also, an estimated 70% of U.S. adults would need to become immune to reach herd immunity, which would likely lead to millions of deaths and an overwhelmed healthcare system.

3. Data about the coronavirus can’t be trusted.

Information about Covid-19 seems to change a lot because that is how science works. The virus was new when it appeared last year, so a lot of research was still being done as it was thrown into the public eye. As new experiments are completed, new evidence is released to the public. This information is trustworthy.

4. Hot or cold weather will kill Covid.

There isn’t any evidence that the coronavirus will go away with the changing weather. Indeed, the pandemic has now lasted through at least part of every season.

5. Covid-19 is the same as the flu.

While Covid and the flu have some symptoms in common, the viruses are not the same.  They have some dissimilar symptoms, such as the loss of taste and smell from Covid. Coronavirus spreads faster and is more contagious than the flu.  It is also more likely to become serious and lead to long-term health problems or death.

6. Masks don’t work.

When worn correctly, masks are very effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Make sure your mask completely covers your nose and mouth and fits snugly to your face so it doesn’t slide down. Social distancing makes everyone even safer.

7. Children can’t get the coronavirus.

Kids can, in fact, get Covid-19. While most have few or no symptoms, others develop severe cases that require hospitalization. Some children get multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which can be fatal, after catching Covid.

8. Testing can take the place of quarantine.

A negative Covid test simply says that you don’t have the coronavirus at that moment. Since the virus can stay dormant for up to two weeks after exposure, it is important to follow guidelines about quarantining even if you get tested.

9. You’ll get Covid if you go to the doctor during the pandemic.

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare facilities are kept clean so that they do not become a breeding ground for Covid-19 or other illnesses. If you need medical care, you should get it. Don’t let Covid anxiety stand in your way.

10. Covid-19 tests are expensive.

Under the CARES Act, all Covid tests should be free for patients. Both private insurance and Medicare cover the cost of the test. You should not be charged whether you have insurance or not. 

Where can I get Covid tested?

Whether you need a Covid test or have another medical issue, BASS Primary Care is here to help. Their office is clean and safe to access during the pandemic. Book a time online to save your spot, or walk in anytime for an appointment. Call (925) 962-9120 to learn more or schedule an appointment. 

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