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Travel Health: How to Choose a Safe Destination

March 18, 2024

Travel Health: How to Choose a Safe Destination

Choosing to travel during this pandemic means it is more important than ever to choose your destination wisely. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly advise against traveling right now, so carefully consider your reasons and intentions for traveling. 

That being said, many of us still  need to travel. Knowing the safest measures is paramount and requires research. Since you’re here, you’ve already taken that first step, so bravo! 

Let’s dig into some key factors to consider and look at reliable resources to head to for more information.

First, eliminate the most dangerous places

Right now, this means avoiding those places with high COVID-19 infection rates. Check out this live heat map on the World Health Organization’s website to get an accurate idea of the not-so safe spots. 

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center is another valuable source for up-to-date information, like this global heat map they provide. If you’re staying within the states, they also have a U.S. map available. 

Check to see if your preferred destination has a safety stamp

The World Travel and Tourism Council issues a Safe Travels Stamp to areas that are doing everything they can to contain the virus. You can read about their findings here to make sure your destination falls in line with what health experts and others are advising during this global pandemic. 

Once you have your spot, thoroughly research the area

Head on over to your good friend Google and start typing. Literally — ask “Is it safe to travel in XYZ?” and read on.

  • Go to government websites like this one — find out what mandates and protocol are in effect for the area, and make sure to follow them while there!
  • Follow those CDC and WHO links
  • Look for any “expats” in your area — expatriates are individuals who have moved from their home country for a time. These individuals will be able to give you insight into the culture and society of the area while still relating to you as an American.  
  • Check vaccinations that are both required and recommended for your destination
  • Look into food safety like how drinkable the water is
  • Find out how accessible medical care is in the area


Keep in mind that wherever you travel, you are traveling during a pandemic, so choose a destination where you’ll still be able to easily return home in case of emergency or illness.

Do Your Best to Stay Safe

Standalone units like cabins, cottages, and  even your own tent where you have your own entrance are generally safer. Aim also for contactless, self check-in/check-out arrangements, and look for rooms with good air filtration. 

Get tested for COVID-19 before you travel to make sure that you are not sick while traveling and to prevent infecting others. And of course, continue following standard social-distancing measures: wear your mask, avoid large crowds, and wash your hands thoroughly and often.


If you are planning a trip and need to schedule a COVID-19 test, visit us at our site to easily get on our calendar. You can also call us at (925) 962-9120 if you have any questions or concerns. Our friendly staff is happy to help in any way we can. We want you to stay your healthiest self so that we can all continue to work toward a healthier society. 

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