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What Is Medical Evacuation Insurance?

March 18, 2024

What Is Medical Evacuation Insurance?

Even the best-planned trips can go in a completely unplanned direction. What happens if you get hurt in another country or on vacation and need to be taken to another hospital? That is where medical evacuation services come in handy! Read below to learn more and consider adding it to your medical insurance today!

What is Medical Evacuation Coverage?

This type of medical insurance, known as medical evacuation coverage, is used for reimbursement to cover transport costs. This is used when the treatment you need is not available nearby.

Here are the essentials:

● If you do not have medical evacuation coverage, you will have to pay for any medical evacuation out of pocket.

● Garden variety travel insurance can cover evacuations, but only under certain conditions.

How does Medical Evacuation work?

Medical evacuation is used when you need to be transported to another hospital or healthcare provider to receive care. Normally, this happens because the current hospital does not have the equipment needed to assist you. This could be something as simple as an x-ray or the need for emergency surgery. If you are taken via evacuation it is done quickly to avoid potential further damage.

Is Medical Evacuation the same as repatriation?

Although they sound remarkably similar, evacuation and repatriation are different in several ways. Medical evacuation is used when the provider where you are hospitalized is unable to provide care that is necessary to your wellbeing. In turn, you need to be sent to another facility for proper care.

On the other hand, medical repatriation is where you have already been given medical treatment that helps stabilize you, then you are sent to your home country for further treatment. This medical process depends on two things: you opt for it yourself or the medical staff in the area sees it as the only option. This does not mean you are ready to go home, but it does mean that you can be evacuated to your home hospital or to where you can receive care closer to home.

What does Medical Evacuation benefit cover?

What your health insurance covers regarding medical evacuation varies between insurance companies. Some consider it the same as medical repatriation, but some see it as a separate cost. However, the majority of health insurance providers cover the following expenses:

● Transport costs to the closest medical facility for treatment of an accident or medical condition within the area of coverage, which cannot be treated locally or at the venue of the incident.

● Return flight after medical evacuation.

● Transport costs of policyholders to their country of residence for treatment after an accident or medical condition which cannot be treated locally or at the place of incident.

● Costs of mortal remains.

● Costs of hotel accommodation when needed before and after admission to hospital.

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