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What to Expect During Your Fitness for Duty Exam

March 18, 2024

What to Expect During Your Fitness for Duty Exam

A fitness for duty evaluation is a requirement for many occupations that often takes place during the hiring process. It is a test that helps employers determine if an individual is physically, mentally, or emotionally capable of carrying out the daily tasks associated with their potential job duties. The evaluation is often performed after the individual accepts the job offer from their new employer. However, there are also circumstances where a worker may be tested after they have been hired on, or when they are returning back to work following an illness or injury. 

A fit for duty test is a series of assessments designed to ensure a candidate’s physical and mental abilities allow them to perform the demands of their job. The tests give company owners recommendations for hiring. They may also provide the employer with various details about the candidate’s medical history and any physical limitations. 

What is a Fit for Duty Exam?

A fit for duty test can involve either a medical or psychological evaluation, or both. It all depends on what type of industry you are going into and if the employer feels that these tests are necessary. In most cases, the employer gains access to the potential employee’s medical history. They may ask them a series of questions that helps determine their ability to carry out the duties of their new job. This can include finding out about any pre-existing conditions, what medications they are on, and if the individual has a permanent disability that may interfere with their work. 

What Happens If an Individual Has a Disability? 

If the individual has a disability that only causes a minimal interference with their potential job, the fit for duty tests will provide the employer with the details they need to make arrangements at the job site if they choose to hire them on as an employee. These evaluations can be very beneficial as they can help companies reduce their risk of on-site accidents or injuries. The tests can also help provide more employment opportunities for disabled individuals who may think they are incapable of getting a specific job. Instead the employer can make adjustments to their job duties and hire them on. 

What to Expect From a Fit For Duty Evaluation 

Here are a few things a typical fit for duty exam may include: 

  • Vision test performed by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist
  • Blood, urine or breath analysis to check for alcohol use
  • Various tests to check for diseases or genetic markers. 
  • Cholesterol or blood pressure screening 
  • Range of motion test that checks for motor function and muscle strength
  • Nerve conduction test that screen for possible nerve damage such as carpal tunnel
  • Tests for pulmonary function that measure an individual’s lung capacity and ability to move air in and out
  • Psychological tests that can identify a metal impairment or disorder
  • Diagnostic procedures which may include x-rays, CAT scans, or MRIs

Fitness for Duty exams are designed to help determine if an individual is able to safely and correctly perform the duties of their job without any risk to themselves or anyone else. Company owners can rely on the results of these tests to make a well-informed decision regarding work assignments, location placement, or any special accommodations needed for disabled employees. These tests are essential for many industries and help hundreds of companies avoid serious legal consequences in the future by lowering their risk of on-the-job accidents and injuries. 

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