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What Vaccines Do I Need for International Traveling?

March 18, 2024

What Vaccines Do I Need for International Traveling?

Travel is so exciting. It gives you the chance to see new places and expand your worldview. However, there are some less exciting aspects of travel that you also need to consider. When planning any international travel, you need to be aware of localized issues that can make you sick if you are not vaccinated properly. Let’s explore some common vaccines you should get before traveling internationally. 

Why You Need Certain Vaccinations When Travelling

While many major diseases have been eradicated from our country, these diseases persist in other countries. Many of these illnesses can be pretty nasty if you are exposed to them on your travels, which is why it is so important to get the right travel vaccinations for your trip. 

Many people also think that a few vaccines are going to cover them no matter where they go. The unfortunate reality is that many areas of the world are still battling specific and harmful issues that can be prevented with the right vaccine. 

Essential Vaccines For International Travel


While polio has been eliminated in America, it continues to ravage many countries and impacts the lives of thousands of people every year. The readily available polio vaccine should be high on your travel priority list. 

Yellow Fever

The yellow fever vaccine is actually required to enter many countries. Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease that is common in both Africa and South America. Symptoms can range from very mild to very severe. Thankfully, the vaccine will help you combat yellow fever if you visit a country where it is more common. 


Hepatitis A and B are very different viruses, but both are to be avoided. Hepatitis A is often found in contaminated food and water supplies abroad and frequently infects travelers. Hepatitis B affects millions of people and arises from poor hygiene habits when travelling. A combined vaccine can protect against both diseases when travelling. 


Nearly any doctor will recommend you get the flu vaccine even if you're not planning on travelling. Influenza is a nasty virus that can leave you bedridden at best and can kill patients who are at higher risk of complications. This virus can be found anywhere in the world and is easy to catch. The flu vaccination is your best bet to prevent catching Influenza. 


The typhoid vaccine is something to consider when travelling to areas with poor sanitation. This virus spreads quickly in areas with poor living conditions. Symptoms can range from unpleasant to deadly in some cases, so exposure to the virus should be avoided. The vaccine will protect you in case of typhoid exposure. 


Like typhoid, cholera cases are increasing numbers globally in areas with poor living conditions. Cholera bacteria is somewhat common in less developed countries and the symptoms are often unpleasant to deal with. A cholera vaccine is available and recommended when travelling to certain regions. 


When traveling to the continents of Africa and Asia, the tetanus vaccine is often recommended. Tetanus is a serious bacteria that is often found when you get a cut from a rusty piece of metal. There is both a vaccine to prevent issues if you encounter tetanus and a vaccination to receive if you get tetanus. 

Get Your Travel Vaccines 

Knowing where you plan to go and what issues you could face when you get there is an essential part of planning any trip. Reach out to BASS Primary Care at (925) 962-9120 to see what vaccines you should look into to protect yourself on a future international trip. 

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