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Who Needs a Sports Physical?

March 18, 2024

Who Needs a Sports Physical?

Who Needs a Sports Physical?

Sports are an essential part of life for children. Athletic programs get kids involved in healthy activity outside the classroom and help them stand out when applying to college. Doctors recommend that students get a sports physical before they begin a sporting program. This leaves many people wondering what is a sports physical and why are they required for many sports. Let’s break down the sports physical and help you understand who needs them.

What Is a Sports Physical?

Every year, people go to their doctor for a regular physical. This checkup is a preventative step to look for any health problems. In many ways, a sports physical is similar to the standard physicals we all have to go through.

A sports physical is an examinationof an athlete before the start of a given sport or season. The purpose of thischeckup is to make sure that the person is not only healthy, but healthy enoughto participate in a sport. 

You can get these sports physicals at most locations that already see you for regular physicals. A sports physical is more extensive than a normal physical because it specifically looks at the patient’s ability to engage in physical activity. To help you better understand why you need a special sports physical, let’s see what a sports physical includes. 

What Does a Sports Physical Include?

You may be worried that finding a sports physical near me could be difficult, but most doctors can perform this test. Each provider may have a different way of administering the test, but it will always include a conversation about the patient and their condition as well as a physical assessment to make sure the patient’s body is ready for sports.

For example, the test could start with the same basic height and weight measurements as a normal physical to make sure the athlete is grown enough to participate. The provider may ask questions about the patient’s current diet, drugs, or medication. Any unexpected illnesses should also be mentioned as they relate to activity.

For the physical assessment, thephysician will make sure the patient is breathing properly, has good vision,and has normal blood pressure. They will also make sure the patient has thestrength and mobility needed for sports. 

Who Should Get a Sports Physical?

Student Athletes

Depending on the age and school of the student, many athletic programs like to have their athletes checked out by a doctor before taking part in certain sports. The reason for this is that many kids are still young and developing. Parents need to be sure their kids are ready for the demands of a sport. If you neglect to get a sports physical for anew athlete, they might not find out about any underlying medical conditions until they are facing complications on the field. 

Adult Athletes

For adults who have not been active or are joining a sports division, getting a sports physical is never a bad idea. This will just help you make sure your body is ready for the strains that come with certain physical activity. 

Professional athletes get regularphysicals to make sure they are able to perform in good health and any activeathlete should do the same. Even for something like a recreational league, itis never a bad idea to make sure your body is ready for intense activity. 

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