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Why Feeling Tired or Sluggish Could Be Cause for Concern

March 18, 2024

Why Feeling Tired or Sluggish Could Be Cause for Concern

Everyone feels tired occasionally. Sometimes, we might even seem tired for a few days in a row. Most of the time those instances can be pinpointed to specific circumstances. However, if you’re constantly feeling tired for no apparent reason, consider evaluating your lifestyle even further.

Ignoring this constant fatigue can impact your ability to perform at work, at home, and anywhere else. It might not be necessary to visit a doctor right away, but it’s well worth paying close attention to your lifestyle. Consider these points if you’re concerned about always feeling tired.

Psychological Reasons Why You Could Be Feeling Tired All The Time

The psychological reasons you might feel tired all the time are often difficult to identify. For example, people deal with stress differently, so you might not feel as stressed as you actually are. And if you worry about a lot of things in life, then anxiety could play a role in your fatigue. These concerns could be present in your daily life and be a big reason why you’re feeling tired all the time.

Other psychological reasons for fatigue could be relationship issues or the death of a loved one. While these are just single events, the feelings can stick with you for a while. And when they are compounded with the other daily stressors, your energy will likely be drained much quicker.

Why Do I Feel So Tired All The Time Physically?

Feeling tired all the time can be the result of physical issues as well. And this isn’t referring to single events like lifting weights or overexerting yourself with yard work. Physical issues could be things like an iron deficiency, sleep apnea, or even an underactive thyroid.

If you are overweight or underweight, your body will get tired much easier. Your body is also strained when you take certain medications or treatments like chemotherapy. Most physical concerns are easier to identify, but they are still worth monitoring.

Consider Lifestyle Changes

The combination of everything going on in life can have you thinking, “why do I feel so tired all the time?” Not exercising enough can lead to restless sleep and constantly feeling tired. Additionally, drinking too much caffeine throughout the day can lead to similar results. And while having an alcoholic beverage at the end of the day might help you relax, consider cutting back on them.

You don’t have to eliminate all of the fun things you enjoy doing in life. But, when you’re on a mission to figure out why you’re feeling tired, slowly cutting things out can help. Most of the time, minor lifestyle tweaks can help you rest better at night and not feel as tired during the day.

Visit A Medical Professional if You Continue Feeling Tired

If it seems like you always ask yourself, “why does my body ache and I feel tired?” consider visiting a doctor. Fatigue could be the result of your body working harder than normal. The reason might be because of an underlying condition or disease you are unaware of. Monitor your fatigue after incorporating lifestyle changes for a few weeks. If your sluggish feelings don’t improve after that, then seek your doctor’s opinion.

BASS Primary Care wants to help people live fulfilling lives. It’s hard to do so when you’re constantly feeling tired. Our team will make suggestions based on your lifestyle and ensure there are no underlying conditions. Our goal is to provide you with some answers to give you peace of mind. If you’re concerned about always feeling tired, call us at 925-962-9120 or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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