COVID-19 Testing

Stay safe with COVID-19 testing services from BASS Primary Care in Walnut Creek. Offering PCR, rapid antigen, and antibody tests to meet your needs. Schedule your COVID-19 test today and ensure your health and peace of mind.


COVID-19 Testing at BASS Primary Care, Walnut Creek

BASS Primary Care in Walnut Creek is committed to supporting our community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by providing comprehensive COVID-19 testing services. Understanding the importance of timely and accurate testing, we offer a range of testing options to meet the needs of our patients, including PCR tests, rapid antigen tests, and antibody tests. Our dedicated team ensures a safe and professional testing environment, following the latest guidelines and protocols to help control the spread of the virus and protect public health.

Services Provided and Common Questions

What COVID-19 Testing Services Are Offered?

Our COVID-19 testing services include:

  • PCR Tests: Highly accurate tests suitable for diagnosing active infections, with results typically available within a few days.
  • Rapid Antigen Tests: Quick tests that provide results in minutes, ideal for immediate screening purposes.
  • Antibody Tests: Blood tests that can indicate past infection by detecting antibodies to the virus.

Why Might You Need COVID-19 Testing Services?

COVID-19 testing is crucial for:

  • Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Those who have been in close contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19
  • People requiring a negative test result for travel or return to work
  • Anyone seeking peace of mind regarding their COVID-19 status

Common Questions Around COVID-19 Testing:

  • How do I know which test I need? The choice of test depends on your specific circumstances, such as whether you're currently symptomatic or need the test for travel. Our healthcare professionals can advise you on the most appropriate test.
  • Do I need an appointment for a COVID-19 test? While walk-ins are accepted, scheduling an appointment can minimize your wait time and ensure a smoother testing process.
  • Is there a cost for COVID-19 testing? COVID-19 tests are available at no cost for uninsured individuals through certain programs. We recommend checking with your insurance provider and our clinic for specific coverage details.

Located in Walnut Creek, BASS Primary Care is dedicated to providing accessible COVID-19 testing services to our community. By offering a variety of testing options and following strict safety measures, we aim to contribute to the health and well-being of Walnut Creek residents during these challenging times.

COVID-19 Testing for Walnut Creek Residents

As a key healthcare provider in Walnut Creek, BASS Primary Care understands the unique challenges our community faces during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to offering reliable and efficient COVID-19 testing services tailored to the needs of Walnut Creek residents. By staying informed about local COVID-19 trends and adapting our services accordingly, we strive to be a trusted resource for all your COVID-19 testing needs.

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