Alcohol and Drug Screening

Alcohol and drug screening is a useful tool to maintaining safety in the workplace. Here is some helpful information on alcohol and drug screening and how BASS Primary Care can help.


Here at BASS Primary Care, we understand that safety in the workplace is, and should be, a top priority for employers of all kinds. One of the first steps in assuring that the workplace is safe, positive, and functioning at its peak efficiency, is to ensure that the environment is a sober one. It is not only important to perform initial alcohol and drug screenings, but also to perform them on a regular basis to encourage a long term safe and positive environment. 

Although alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in, and out of the workplace, there are many substances that, when abused, can pose serious threats to the user and his or her immediate surroundings. In addition to basic alcohol screenings, BASS Primary Care utilizes thorough drug screening labs that can help to identify the presence of a vast number of unwanted and dangerous substances. Whether big or small, regulated or unregulated, your business is worth protecting. Screening for drugs and alcohol can help protect your business, assets, and employees, and BASS Primary Care can help.

What Makes Drug and Alcohol Screenings so Important?

It is important that a business stays above legal reproach and maintains an environment with a clean and wholesome reputation. One of the many things that can be done in pursuit of this integrity is to regularly determine that all of the people employed are free of entrapment that can hinder or prevent that reputation, such as drugs and alcohol. It is also important that the employees themselves are safe, happy, and respected. Drug and alcohol screening can save a business, but more importantly, it can save a life. Another beneficial and extremely important aspect of screening for drugs and alcohol in the workplace is that it can greatly decrease the chance of financial loss or loss of licensing that might occur as a result of lawsuit or litigation. 

What Sets BASS Primary Care Apart?

BASS Primary Care can accommodate various workplace constraints that might otherwise make drug and alcohol screening logistically difficult. It is very important that discretion and decorum is used while performing, analyzing, and reporting these screenings. After all, if care is not taken in those regards, it is that very integrity that screenings can protect which can be damaged if not handled professionally and with great care. Accuracy and efficiency are of the utmost importance to BASS Primary Care. It is important that the test results are returned in a timely fashion to ensure that any incident or situation can be handled right away, and the possibility of further complication can be greatly reduced or eliminated. More importantly, however, the results must be accurate. You can trust that BASS Primary Care will provide accurate and clear results. This allows for confidence in any decisions or actions that might follow the screening results.

Whether you are in search of someone to perform drug and alcohol screenings for your company, or you are trying to decide if you should screen for drugs and alcohol at all, BASS Primary Care would be glad to help, and promises efficiency, professionalism, and accuracy. It is important that you, your employees, and your clients or those you serve are safe, respected, and happy. This is why BASS Primary Care takes your needs very seriously. Alcohol and drug abuse can destroy many things, but BASS Primary Care can help to keep your business, integrity, and/or servitude from being destroyed. Remember; whether a business or service, the groups that surround you are made of people. People are always worth protecting, and BASS Primary Care is here to help with exactly that goal. 

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