Annual Check Up

Getting an annual check up is an important part of staying healthy and preventing major illness. Here is an overview of what to expect at your next annual check up and how BASS Primary Care can help.


Many people are under the impression that they should only go to the doctor if they are sick and in great need of medical attention. Although being sick or injured is a great reason to go to the doctor, it is not the only reason to go to the doctor. Getting an annual check up can provide a great opportunity to get to know your own body a little better and to learn some valuable information about your health, and how to maintain it. Since everyone is different, being as healthy as possible looks and feels completely different for everyone. 

What to Expect at an Annual Check Up

At an annual check up, you will have time to sit with your doctor and discuss any concerns or questions that you might have. It is always good to do this without the limitations and/or distractions of being sick or injured. Your doctor will also perform several tests on your visit, as well as discuss your family medical history with you. Knowing what might be ‘hidden away’ in your genetics can give your doctor great insight into what you may or may not be prone to. The most important and logical reason for getting your annual check up is to check for any recently developed issues that can be caught early and treated in a timely fashion. If you can catch health conditions early on, the chances for treatment and cure are greatly increased. Complications can also be prevented by monitoring existing conditions.

The initial tests that will be performed will be simple and easy. At first, you will have your blood pressure tested, your body mass index will be calculated, you will undergo a simple physical exam, some additional screening may also occur, then you will meet up with your doctor to discuss your visit. If it looks as though you are exhibiting signs of other conditions, you may need further screenings. These additional screenings will test for various cancers, problems with vision or hearing, or other conditions. It is also important that you are caught up on immunizations. 

Bass Advanced Urgent Care puts your health first and can provide a comfortable and friendly visit no matter the occasion. Whether you are a returning patient or have never visited Bass Advanced Urgent Care, maybe you stumbled upon this page by searching ‘annual check up near me’, BASS Primary Care can accommodate your needs and encourages you to maintain annual check up appointments to stay ahead of the game and ensure that you know what is going on with your body. Knowledge is power, and your health and well being is important to BASS Primary Care

Why is an Annual Check Up so Important?

Remember that proactive and preemptive testing and treatment is often better than reactionary testing and treatment. It is better to prevent than to treat. At an annual check up, you can learn your body in a way that will allow you to create the lifestyle that you need, so that you can prevent the conditions that you are most prone to. You can also screen for potentially dangerous conditions that you might already have. Think of going to the doctor as being like wearing your seat belt. It is much better to fasten your seat belt before you even start the car, than waiting for a missed stop sign or a slick road to try to fasten it before the crash. Just like fastening your seat belt, routine check ups with your doctor can save your life. It is also quick and easy. Take control of your health. Get ahead of the game. If you don’t already make annual appointments for routine check ups, don’t forget that it could change your life, or even save it. Click here to learn more about setting an appointment for your annual check up at BASS Primary Care.

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