Strep Throat

A bacterial infection (streptococcal pharyngitis) of the throat that requires treatment with antibiotics; strep throat symptoms include throat pain, difficulty swallowing, and fever.


Anytime we present symptoms similar to a cold, reaching for urgent medical care doesn’t seem to be the first option to come to mind. We can easily fall into the pattern of how this is just a cold.

Cold symptoms could be an indicator of other illnesses, such as strep throat. Strep throat is more serious than colds, which is why receiving urgent medical attention is crucial for recovery.

Strep Throat Causes

Strep throat disguises itself as being a common winter cold. But unlike colds, which are caused by viruses, strep throat is caused by bacterial infections. The bacteria that causes strep throat is called Streptococcus Pyogenes. It is highly contagious through contact.

How to Prevent Strep Throat?

Strep throat is an infectious bacteria that spreads through contact with eyes, nose, and mouth. Here are some tips to prevent any spreading of this disease:

• Not Sharing Is Caring. Strep throat can be easily transmitted, and it’s advisable to avoid sharing personal items. Any heavily contaminated item can transmit the bacteria by having direct contact with it. It is advisable to not touch your eyes, mouth, or nose after having contact with a contaminated item. Items with a high amount of bacteria are the ones we use the most, like food utensils, cellphones, or toys.

• Manners Matter. There is no better time to reinforce your kids’ manners than when they have strep throat. There is nothing worse than having your child sick only for later to get yourself sick too. Ask them to try and remember to cover themselves whenever they sneeze or cough.

• Hygiene. Wash your hands as much as needed. According to studies, alcohol hand sanitizer is not as effective as plain water and soap when eliminating high amounts of bacteria. Therefore, in cases with strep throat, it is not the ideal alternative to use hand sanitizer as a replacement for hand washing.

Symptoms of Having Strep Throat

Immediate diagnosis is crucial to keep strep throat from spreading and to know which measurements to take. Seek out medical attention as soon as possible if you notice any of the following symptoms:

• Sore throat

• Loss of appetite

• Tonsils that present redness or are swollen.

• High fever

• Stomachache

• Nausea or vomiting

• Headache

• Fatigue

• Rash

• Physical anomalies such as white patches in the throat or as tiny red spots located in the top of the roof of the mouth.

Unlike viruses that cause colds, when having strep throat, you are unlikely to have a runny nose. Either way, it is advised to get medical care to prevent any further complications.

Medical Diagnosis

At BASS Primary Care in Walnut Creek, we provide immediate access to health services under highly qualified medical staff. The Primary Care in Walnut is open year-round. Although appointments are available, they are often unnecessary.

What to Expect?

Once at the medical facilities, the procedure to confirm a strep throat diagnosis is the following:

•Rapid Strep Test. While holding the tongue with a depressor, the doctor will take a sample from the back of the throat. The test results should be available in about 20 minutes.

•Throat Culture. The doctor will rub a cotton swab over the throat and tonsils. Results should come back from the lab in two days or so.

If any of these tests give positive results for streptococci bacteria, our doctors will prescribe antibiotics.

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